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Who is Fanmillion?
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Fanmillion is a family-run game studio in Chicago led by game designer and programmer Simeon Peebler.

Simeon's independent development credits include the iPhone game BLiP Bloink, as well as a series of games for the PC including Arcade Mah Jong, Super Bubble, and Logication.

Simeon has also contributed to games created at a number of studios during his career, including Imagination Pilots Entertainment, Jellyvision, and FASA Interactive.

Prior to developing Brain Bump Literature Trivia Game for the Amazon Kindle, he was the founding chair of the game & interactive media department at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, a digital media arts college located in Chicago.

The name Fanmillion was coined by Simeon's son, Luke Peebler, when he was four years old. The word describes something that goes a million times beyond fantastic...when it's not only's fanmillion!

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